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Welcome to the Level Plane Field podcast, a platform where aviation and finances meet. Host David Yu will be interviewing guests from all of the different careers in aviation who can help us explore how each career impacts a family's personal finances and lifestyle.

David Yu is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioner who loves helping people make smart, lasting financial decisions. He runs a financial planning firm, based in Southern California, and has extensive experience working with clients from various industries, with a niche focusing on airline pilots. David’s passion is not only sharing his financial insight with his clients. He is also an avid aviation enthusiast and loves everything about airplanes, air traffic control, charts, and procedures.

Deciding to combine his knack for finances and his love for aviation, he has created a community website called the "Level Plane Field," which is also the name of this podcast, the goal of which is to bring aviation and personal finance together. With that goal in mind, David and his wide array of guests will answer the following:

  • What can someone expect from this career in terms of pay and benefits?
  • What is the schedule like and how does that affect the family's finances, lifestyle, and dynamic?
  • How can other people in the same or similar career better manage their finances?
  • What can we learn from their financial successes and struggles?
  • What choices did they make that contributed to their successes and struggles?
  • What are the things they love about their career?
  • What are some interesting aviation stories they would like to share?

Get educated and informed on everything about the aviation world. At the same time, get your personal finances in order and know how to successfully navigate the financial ins and outs of a career in aviation. Join David Yu on the Level Plane Field and propel your financial knowledge to new heights!

LPF 7 | Flying Solo

Flying Solo: Navigating The Skies With Denise Jennings

  Denise Jennings believes her passion for aviation was inherited from her father who flew the PB4Y in World War II. Nearly two decades after he passed, Denise took her first flight lesson and later, obtained her Commercial License and Instrument Rating. She has been flying her Mooney 201 for over 25 years. She is the Business Development Manager at […]

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Managing An Airport With Brendan O’Reilly

  Airports are one of the most important infrastructures in any physical location, given how vital it is in maintaining an area’s connectivity to the rest of the world. This is why airport management is of the utmost importance. There are so many factors that determine whether or not an airport manager can keep that ship running. Brendan O’Reilly, the […]

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LPF 5 | Becoming An Airplane Pilot

Becoming An Airplane Pilot With Seth Kolasinski

  If you dream of becoming an airplane pilot, you will have to go through a lot of schooling and training, and you will need dedication. In this episode, host David Yu talks with Delta Air Lines pilot Seth Kolasinski about his love for aviation and the challenges he faced through the 2001 and 2008 recessions. Seth also talks about […]

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LPF 4 | Private Pilot License

Level Plane Field: Your Road To Private Pilot License And More

  What does it entail to get a private pilot’s license? David Yu of Level Plane Field welcomes you to his podcast of the same name. In this episode, he gives us a view of the exciting things ahead in the show. As a Certified Financial Planner, David works with various airline pilots with their long-term financial plan as far […]

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LPF 3 | Closing The Income Gap

Closing The Gap Between The Rich And The Poor With Gerald Higginbotham

  An airline pilot for over 30 years, Gerald Higginbotham started his career at Eastern Airlines and Trans World Airlines and is now as a captain at American Airlines. On top of that, he is also the Founder and the President of Captain’s Millionaires, an e-Learning platform that develops people to reach their full potential and close the wealth income […]

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LPF 2 | Aviation Instructor

From Pilot To Aviation Instructor With Steve Smith

  A career in aviation may seem too far off for some, but through our guest, many have been introduced to various careers in the aviation world. Steve Smith, activities director and aviation instructor at Canyon High School at Orange Unified School District, is someone who was able to create and build an aviation pathway program from scratch where he […]

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LPF 1 | Aviation And Architecture

The Flying Architect: Combining Passions For Aviation And Architecture With J. Bruce Camino

  Many of us are passionate about many things. While combining work with a passion of yours is already an amazing feat, how much more if you can combine a number of them together? J. Bruce Camino, the Principal Architect over at Development One Incorporated in Santa Ana, is someone who is able to do that. Known as “The Flying […]

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Are Online Banks the Right Choice for Airline Pilots?

What if I told you that you never have to walk into a bank branch again? That all your bank transactions could be done via your cell phone regardless of where you are, and any questions could be answered with a text? Online banks are here. As a pilot, you have to be comfortable with technology, but even so, those […]

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Should I Retire Abroad?

How do you imagine your retirement from the airline industry? Going to your grandkids’ baseball games and finally renovating your kitchen? Or perhaps you see yourself choosing an exotic country—maybe one of those cities you’ve been flying over for so many years—and retire abroad there with weekly golf games and a more cushioned lifestyle. You wouldn’t be the only one […]

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