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LPF 7 | Flying Solo

Flying Solo: Navigating The Skies With Denise Jennings

Dec 30, 2019

  Denise Jennings believes her passion for aviation was inherited from her father who flew the […]

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Managing An Airport With Brendan O’Reilly

Dec 23, 2019

  Airports are one of the most important infrastructures in any physical location, given how vital […]

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LPF 5 | Becoming An Airplane Pilot

Becoming An Airplane Pilot With Seth Kolasinski

Dec 16, 2019

  If you dream of becoming an airplane pilot, you will have to go through a […]

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LPF 4 | Private Pilot License

Level Plane Field: Your Road To Private Pilot License And More

Dec 11, 2019

  What does it entail to get a private pilot’s license? David Yu of Level Plane […]

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LPF 3 | Closing The Income Gap

Closing The Gap Between The Rich And The Poor With Gerald Higginbotham

Dec 4, 2019

  An airline pilot for over 30 years, Gerald Higginbotham started his career at Eastern Airlines […]

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LPF 2 | Aviation Instructor

From Pilot To Aviation Instructor With Steve Smith

Dec 4, 2019

  A career in aviation may seem too far off for some, but through our guest, […]

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LPF 1 | Aviation And Architecture

The Flying Architect: Combining Passions For Aviation And Architecture With J. Bruce Camino

Nov 27, 2019

  Many of us are passionate about many things. While combining work with a passion of […]

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Are Online Banks the Right Choice for Airline Pilots?

Nov 21, 2019

What if I told you that you never have to walk into a bank branch again? […]

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Should I Retire Abroad?

Nov 21, 2019

How do you imagine your retirement from the airline industry? Going to your grandkids’ baseball games […]

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