LPF 4 | Private Pilot License

Level Plane Field: Your Road To Private Pilot License And More


What does it entail to get a private pilot’s license? David Yu of Level Plane Field welcomes you to his podcast of the same name. In this episode, he gives us a view of the exciting things ahead in the show. As a Certified Financial Planner, David works with various airline pilots with their long-term financial plan as far and as well as their investment management. With this, he also shares the financial topics that you may find interesting and helpful. Tune in as you discover a way to learn about the ins and outs of the aviation industry and more.

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Level Plane Field: Your Road To Private Pilot License And More

I wanted to put this together to introduce myself a little bit and talk briefly about Level Plane Field and what it is. It’s a website and it’s also a YouTube channel that contains a few aviation-related items. As an intro, I live in the Southern California area. I’m a Certified Financial Planner Practitioner and I work with various airline pilots with their long-term financial plan and as well as their investment management. I run my own firm over here. I’ve been doing this since 2007 and it’s a great career. I love working with clients and I love being able to grow with them and helping them through accomplishing all the different things that they want to accomplish, helping them retire and I’ll do all the little things that they want. It’s satisfying to see.

LPF 4 | Private Pilot License


As far as the Level Plane Field is concerned, there are a few different portions to it. I’m doing this, it’s an aviation-related show. I’m trying to mix in people who work in all the different fields in aviation and try to mix in a little bit of personal finance with it. I interview guests from all over the aviation world. They could be airline pilots, airport managers, dispatchers or people who run private companies that somehow use aviation to mix in with what they’re doing with their existing companies and helping their clients.

LPF 4 | Private Pilot LicenseThe whole point of that is to talk to these people and find out what their experiences are and see how we can all learn from them, whether it’s on the financial side, the career side or the personal side of things. Everyone has a very interesting story and everyone has a story to tell and we can all learn from that. There’s going to be video, which is going to be posted up on YouTube. There’s going to be the audio portion, which is going to be posted up on the website, which is www.TheLevelPlaneField.com. Each episode we’ll have a video and also have the audio portion. You can download it with any player out there.

The next thing that the Level Plane Field is going to be the financial blog. I’m still debating on this. I might put a video together with the corresponding text blog. It’s going to be more focused on airline pilots and different financial topics, so things that they should watch out for. Let’s say for a heading, we’re getting closer and closer to running a risk of a recession, what airline pilots can do in order to try to mitigate some of that risk. It’s going to cover different financial topics that may be interesting and helpful. I might do a video on one or two of those as well to mix it up a little bit.

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LPF 4 | Private Pilot LicenseThe third thing is a fun thing. It’s flight simming. I’ve done flight sims for many years. I do a little bit of everything. I do GA flights and airliner flights. I think it’s something fun that I enjoy and I want to share. The last thing is going to be my flight training. I am a student pilot. As a stance, I have about twenty hours in the Piper Cherokee 140. I’m flying out to Chino Airport at a place called Dubois Aviation. That’s where I’m learning. I’m doing my ground school there. I’m also doing my flight instruction there. I’ve been through all the basics, power-on stalls, power-off stalls and steep turns. We ground reference maneuvers, pattern work, forward slips. One day, I just thought, “I’m going through all this stuff. It would be cool to document it for me to look back on this.” Either review it for training purposes but then also, later on down the road, it’s something that I can look back on and be like, “I did this.” Remember all the stuff that I went through with this little aviation journey of mine and I want to share with you guys.

It would be cool for people who may be thinking about getting their private pilot’s license and wondering, “What does it entail? What does training look like? What is it like on a day-to-day basis?” That’s my inspiration on the road to PPL. I got a GoPro and I’m recording every single lesson that I have. All the landings and all that stuff. I got signed off on all the pre-reqs on soloing. I have an internal check ride with the owner of the flight school. If everything goes well with that, then I should be ready for my first solo. I’m definitely excited about that. That’s something that I’m definitely going to record and share with all you guys. It’s the show, there’s a financial blog, there’s a flight simming and then also there’s the real-life road to PPL. The website is www.TheLevelPlaneField.com. My YouTube channel is Level Plane Field. If you like what you see, please subscribe. You can also subscribe to the Level Plane Field website newsletter. Hopefully, you enjoy this and my email is on the website. Feel free to let me know if you have any questions on anything. Thanks.

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